Quadrifoil Aqua 9 for sale

It's Big. It's Pink ... Did I mention it's Pink?
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 Kite includes Bag, Bar, Harness Line, 4 - Line 25M 300/150 Q-Power (land use), and
 big pink kite 8.7M Flat, 7.8M Projected. Kite is in excellent condition. Only used
 on snow.


 1 - Nice backpack style bag. Bar fastens to bag with 2 velcro straps and keeps
     lines in check.

 4 - General shot of kite.

 5 - Another shot of kite with my glove tossed in for perspective.

 6 - This kite uses single intake. There is a screen that covers and a "condom" that
     presses against the screen when air tries to escape. Works perty good!

 7,8 - Velcro/rubber/velcro seal on trailing edge for easy deflation. You could also
     clear debris if it got into kite.

 9 - Standing tall, ready for action!

 10 - Trailing edge taped seem construction. Looks good.

 11 - A look down on leading edge.

 12 - 4 line bar.


 I purchased this kite because I needed a kite that was bigger than my friends Mosquito
 Pro KS 7.5 (kite envy!). After comparing the two I decided to get a Mosquito 7.5 too.
 I have been the Mossy primarily and this kite has become redundant. Both of the pull
 about the same but the Mossy is a little more "racy".
 The Aqua 9 is very stable and more deliberate wich makes it a great kite for newer
 kiters and general cruising. I have not tried this kite on the water but I'm sure 
 it would work fine. It tends to stay inflated better than the Mossy 7.5 and has the
 nifty velcro/rubber/velcro seal for quick deflation.

 Currently it is strung with QPower 300/150 which work for land use but you might want
 heavier lines if you plan to huck big jumps or take it out on the water.

 I've had many good sessions with this kite cruising back and forth on Calhoun while other
 guys with 3's and 5's are sucking wind. The usable wind range on snow for me has been
 5 - 20 MPH. I weigh around 200 lbs. 20 MPH is getting up there but the kite wont supprise
 you as it is so stable


 $300 USD, I'll ship it free in the USA.

 - Eric S