2004 Mille Lacs Crossing

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Mike Fox and Fleet 8 sends this...

         Crossing Finally Completed on Saturday!

After six years of postponed-to-Sunday Crossings, the perceived curse was broken when 
48 windsurfers successfully crossed the lake on Saturday.  Combined with good winds 
for World Cup course racing on Friday and Sunday, and social activities at the Y-Club 
and Harbor Inn, the weekend was scored as a total success. 

Starting on Friday, the forecast for Saturday had remained gloomy with winds of less 
than 10 mph.   As sailors and staff polished off a hearty breakfast at Headquarters 
Lodge, the wind filled in and the lake grew darker.  A 2nd on-the-water wind reading 
showed that it had built to a steady 10-12 mph and maintained consistent direction.  
With confidence, the race committee called the sailors together and announced that 
they would start in Garrison and finish at Brandt’s Landing on the south shore, 
just west of Izatys.  The course proved perfect, as sailors and course boats seemed 
to form a highway across the lake.  Mark Kedrowski of White Bear became the second 
to win four Crossings, holding off Kevin Gratton of Fon du Lac, WI, the other 
4-time winner.  There was a mere three feet and two seconds separating them.  
Jeff DeGayner of Harbor Springs, MI had lead most of the race and finished 3rd, 
20 seconds behind Mark.

For the second year in a row, the Crossing had sailable winds for all three days.
Last year, a crossing attempt on Saturday had to be aborted after the strong winds
contributed to a rash of miscues and breakdowns.   A great weekend was enjoyed by all.  
Fleet 8 and all the racers wish to thank the sponsors and Mille Lacs area businesses 
that loyally support this spectacular event year after year.

Sunday World Cup Racing (pictured above SundayUp.jpg)

Abbreviated crossing results:

1st  Mark Kedrowski, White Bear, MN              1:33:51
2nd  Jeff DeGayner, Harbor Springs, MI           1:34:11             
3rd  Jeff Hotvet, Minnetonka, MN                 1:37:42              

 Longboard Unlimited
1st  Kevin Gratton, Fon du Lac, WI               1:33:53             
2nd  Don Altmeyer, Sheboygan Falls, WI           1:34:25             
3rd  Jeff Adamski, Elk River, MN                 1:37:45             

 Longboard Limited
1st   Brad Woodworth, Dryden, ONT                2:07:15             
2nd   Chizek, Excelsior, MN                      2:09:32            
3rd   Roland Rioux, Winnipeg, MAN                2:11:45             


1st   Kathy Tatro, Fon du Lac, WI                1:47:20
2nd   Kelly Johnson, Shoreview, MN               2:17:39 
3rd   Lisa Kremer, Worthington, MN               2:35:11


1st   Vojta Cervenka, Hanover, MN                1:43:14
2nd   Brett Purcell, Bayfield, WI                2:04:05
3rd   Peter Hill, Orono, MN                      2:06:02


1st   Philip Halverson, Duluth, MN               1:56:59
2nd   Eric Paulson, Aitkin, MN                   2:09:08
3rd   Jim Magnuson, Cedar Falls, IA              2:29:37


1st   Kris Diller, Chaska, MN                    2:39:15
2nd   Bonnie Koerbel, Muskego, WI                2:40:29